Discover How the team at SBC HQ Use Our Amazing Products

Here at SBC one of our favourite things about our products is their versatility. Our Skincare Gel for example, a moisturiser for the face, for the body, and an effective serum, primer, and face mask! The versatility doesn’t end there, in fact, they go a lot further than many of us originally thought – for […]

SBC’s Versatile Products and their Innovative Use

Inside the World of SBC: Discover Our Versatile Products & Their Innovative Uses

SBC’s Versatile Products & Innovative Use Hands up if you think your daily skin routine should be simple, effective, and efficient? Us too! Nowadays, taking care of your skin can be a big investment, there are lotions and potions for every concern going. Here at SBC one of our favourite things about our products is […]


Vegan Skincare With SBC

Going Vegan Vegan diets and lifestyles are becoming more popular, with an increasing number of people giving up meat for a plant-based diet. International delivery service Just Eat reported an increase in vegan and vegetarian orders in 2017 and have predicted ‘going vegan’ is to be the biggest food trend of 2018, as people become […]


A new formula for the Propolis Collection

SBC are experts when it comes to lightweight skincare products, so are excited to introduce our first body milk formula, with soothing and hydrating benefits, in a weightless non-greasy texture. The new Propolis & Safflower Body Milk is enriched with our nurturing Propolis; rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and bio flavonoids. Combined with Safflower […]

Seedball & SBC

Save the Bees with Seedball & SBC

This month we are focussing on our friends the bees  – we wouldn’t have our nurturing Propolis collection if it wasn’t for these hard-working insects, so what better way to give back to them, than by planting some beautiful flowers that those buzzing bees will love. SBC are very excited to be collaborating with Seedball […]

Simply Cleanse

Simply Cleanse With SBC #simplycleanse

The most commonly misused, and probably underrated, skincare product is the cleanser. Cleansing is now considered the most important step of your routine. Cleansers dissolve daily dirt, grime, impurities, and make-up. Which, let’s face it (see what I did there) if left on the skin, can lead to an unhealthy, blemished, dull and ageing complexion. […]


Collagen: Boost Hydration & turn Back Time on Your Skin

When it comes to anti-ageing, Collagen is King! Using Collagen in your daily skincare routine will nourish and feed dry, dehydrated, and mature skin, to help bring that youthful glow back to where it belongs. There are many different types of Collagen from different sources. Here at SBC, we use marine collagen, which has some […]

Why a Scrub?

There is nothing nicer than using a luxurious body scrub while having a pamper session at home. Apart from the obvious, making your skin feel and look silky smooth and soft, what else can a Scrub do? Not to mention, what is it made of? Skin Benefits There are so many benefits to using a […]

Why a Lotion?

Whether you use a cream, body butter, serum or lotion, they all have multiple benefits for the skin; however they are very different from one another. Sometimes it is down to personal preference on texture or skin type, but mainly the choice depends on a skin concern. This month we focus on Lotions, and find […]

Why a Gel?

When it comes to Gel moisturisers – SBC are the experts. 25 years ago the first gel moisturiser was created by SBC and, 25 years later we are still creating new and exciting collections which feature our famous Gels. We often get asked, Why a Gel? What is the difference between a Gel, Lotion or […]

SBc CollagenUltra rich cream

SBC’s New Collagen Ultra Rich Cream

SBC’s Collagen Collection has been supercharged with a brand-new addition, the Collagen Ultra Rich Cream,  formulated with the most effective ingredients to provide visible results and intensive anti-ageing care.  With its light and mousse-like texture, this cream glides onto the skin to instantly plump it with hydration, whilst helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. […]