• Friday 5th January 2018 Nancy_SBC

    From Russia With Love – Nancy x

    I am overwhelmingly proud to represent our wonderful company in Russia, so I thought I’d share with you my experiences of my last few trips. If you don’t know yet, SBC is one of the few British brands selected to feature on Shopping Live! a hugely successful shopping channel based in Moscow. Preparing for my […]

  • Friday 5th January 2018

    Why a Scrub?

    There is nothing nicer than using a luxurious body scrub while having a pamper session at home. Apart from the obvious, making your skin feel and look silky smooth and soft, what else can a Scrub do? Not to mention, what is it made of? Skin Benefits There are so many benefits to using a […]

  • Friday 5th January 2018

    Why a Lotion?

    Whether you use a cream, body butter, serum or lotion, they all have multiple benefits for the skin; however they are very different from one another. Sometimes it is down to personal preference on texture or skin type, but mainly the choice depends on a skin concern. This month we focus on Lotions, and find […]

  • Friday 5th January 2018

    Why a Gel?

    When it comes to Gel moisturisers – SBC are the experts. 25 years ago the first gel moisturiser was created by SBC and, 25 years later we are still creating new and exciting collections which feature our famous Gels. We often get asked, Why a Gel? What is the difference between a Gel, Lotion or […]