PR & Marketing Manager

Jane Norman is our fantastic PR & Marketing Manager. Having been with SBC for over 14 ½ years, Jane has seen the amazing growth and development of one of Britain’s best loved skincare brands…

Tell us a bit about yourself Jane? 

I am married to Tim, we have a rescue cat called Gus and we live in an old 17th-century cottage in a small Suffolk village.

I left school at 16 with enough O Levels to get a good job, but I followed my passion and dived straight into a 2-year Young Groom training programme. I loved every second of it. My mum however persuaded (more like made me) attend evening college and learn to type as a back-up plan. She was right as at the end of my 2 years I realised I couldn't earn enough to get on the mortgage ladder so I got my first office job and have never looked back.

My career has varied from working for the NHS in Suffolk, a Merchant Bank in London, a Construction company in Slough, a Medical Drug Trials company in Crowthorne then back to Suffolk where I have worked for SBC since 2001.

I still love to ride when I can, I also love boating holidays and gardening. I am a lousy cook.

What’s your area of expertise?

I've always had a passion for design and creation but I also thrive on producing work to schedule - I’m a good organiser. I also have good English skills; I have a real issue with bad spelling and grammar. I excelled at English at school and am grateful that one teacher pushed me to the limit. I also love to produce marketing materials for clients and customers; knowing it's helping to market their business, or to understand our product.

Do you have a personal beauty tip to share?

Routine. If you skip a part of your skincare routine you simply won't get the results. It's no different to devouring a bar of chocolate in the middle of a diet! You must stick to treating your skin morning and night, every day; otherwise you’re just throwing money away.

What is your favourite SBC product?

Grapefruit & Ginger Exfoliating Body Wash. I just love the way this bathing product has such an invigorating scent whilst simultaneously, washing and exfoliating your body all over. When you step out the shower you feel so clean and fresh with silky-smooth, soft skin. My husband really loves it too.

Do you have a real beauty no-no or bug bear?

I never gave much thought to skincare until I joined SBC. I was a model in facial training shortly after I started with the company and all the therapists gasped when they found out what was using at the time. Ever since that humiliating moment, I always read the ingredients on a product before buying it and take my skin’s health very seriously. Also, seeing what my friends have in their bathrooms. It shocks me how many people still use high street brands just because they offer a free bag or free something if you buy their products. It's our hardest challenge to get the message out there about the long-term damage caused by products containing harsh ingredients that do more harm than good over a period of time.

What goes on in your average day at SBC?

No day is ever the same and however much you try to plan tomorrow and fill out your To Do list it never goes to plan. So many demands and requests come in every day and they all need answering. Fortunately I have a great team of 3 diamond girls who I can rely and lean on to ensure everyone is successfully satisfied. It's challenging but so rewarding.

Desert Island Disc?

It has to be The Beach Boys. I never appreciated their music until I met my husband; I can’t believe what I missed out on when I was younger. Every song has a feel-good factor and just lifts you up. I believe all music should make you feel good.

Last meal?

My mum's treacle sponge pudding. I don't have a sweet tooth at all but when my family get together, mum has to make a second dessert for everyone else as I can eat a whole treacle pudding with extra cold, runny treacle drizzled all over it!  I have to share it now with my nephew which I find very difficult to do! There's love and then there's treacle pudding!

SBC is based in Suffolk, what is your favourite Suffolk spot? 

The surrounding area where I live. When I get a chance to ride, I gallop across the fields to the highest point and just sit there and soak in the breathtakingly beautiful countryside. Simply awesome.

Describe your perfect day?

Sunday's. We get up, (not too early though), and drive to Waldringfield where there is a fabulous pub which does a great breakfast. It's on the waterfront so you can watch the sailing boats whilst devouring a scrummy full English, followed by a long walk along the sea wall and around the surrounding farmland. Back home to our local for lunch-time catch up with friends, then home to a log burning fire, a movie (or two) snuggled up with husband and Gus. Finish with a Sunday roast and Downtown Abbey.