SBC Global TV Sales Coordinator
Aleksandra Stanczak is one of our SBC Global TV Sales Coordinators, who is in the know when it comes to the new SBC sets coming to QVC…

Tell us a bit about yourself Aleksandra?
I was born in Poland and moved to England with my family at the age of 12. This was very scary, but an exciting period of my life! I first lived close to London in Waltham Abbey where I joined high school only knowing very few English words (even though I was the one who persuaded my parents to come here). I was determined to learn the language, so I decided to learn 10 words a day until I felt comfortable in conversations. In the office we still have ‘Word of the day’!Then in 2008 I moved to lovely Suffolk, where I felt I had everything I needed close to me. A year later my little sister Julia was born and I had the privilege to witness it. I finished Sixth Form in 2012 and decided to get a temporary job through a Recruitment Agency and that’s when my story with SBC started. I began packing QVC sets and I instantly fell in love with the amazing range of colours. Since then, my passion for beauty and fondness for SBC has led me to becoming a QVC Quality Assurance & Logistics Administrator.

What’s your area of expertise?
I work as a part of the QVC account team that ensures customers get the best quality products safely packaged and delivered to QVC on time. My job requires full attention to detail with accuracy throughout.

Do you have a personal beauty tip to share?
Mix and match a cocktail of SBC gels to perfectly match your skin type or combat multiple skin conditions at once!

What is your favourite SBC product?
I use a lot of SBC products, especially the body butters as they all smell amazing, however, my number one SBC ‘Must Have’ product has always been the Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser with the shammy. I love this cleanser; it smells lovely, removes make-up in seconds and always leaves my skin really clean and soft!

Do you have a real beauty no-no or bug bear?
People who have fake everything - Fake tans, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, fake nails etc. One thing at a time ladies.

What goes on in your average day at SBC?
I start my day with a cup of tea and read my emails. I will then usually delve into the excel spreadsheets and use the stock management and logistics software, planning for the weeks and months ahead. On another day, I might be running around the office gathering, weighing and taking pictures of new QVC sets which I would then send with relevant QA documents. No day is the same at SBC and there is always something happening, but that’s what makes it such an exciting place to work!

Desert Island Disc?
I listen to everything what’s on the radio, but I really enjoy listening to Kamil Bednarek and Ed Sheeran.

Last meal?
Pierogi – Traditional Polish dumplings which different types of fillings which is a delicious snack, spicy first course or even a dessert. I love them with forcemeat, sauerkraut and mushroom filling!! I’m planning on organising a Friday Pierogi lunch taster for my colleagues at the Head Office.

SBC is based in Suffolk, what is your favourite Suffolk spot?
My favourite spot in Suffolk would have to be in my parent’s garden in Ipswich. I love spending time with my family, having barbeques and listening to music (shops are so close too). Most of Suffolk is lovely, so wherever the sun is shining, that is my favourite place to be. We have so many places to visit here in Suffolk such as Walberswick, Thorpeness, Framlingham Castle and many more.

Describe your perfect day?
Waking up next to my partner from a nap on a sunny beach in the hot Canary Islands and knowing that I can enjoy this amazing weather, sights and culture at least for the day.